Students usually have questions regarding gi and no gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training.  Some ask which is more important or whether they need to start with the gi at all.  The answer is a good Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner usually trains both.  With the gi, you have more options to use, and your opponent has plenty of options to use against you.  In no gi brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you obviously have less techniques available but your opponent also has less.  So it is always even.  It is a good idea to mix it up and train both.

No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Benefits

No gi brazilian jiu jitsu training does provide a benefit that can be missed in the gi.  That is body control.  Since there is a lack of grip, you’ll need to compensate by controlling your opponent using your body more.  It is common for gi grapplers to become reliant on just using their gi grips for control.  It’s a good idea for them to start mixing up some no gi training to learn control when their grips aren’t there.  The other area that no gi helps develop is scrambling ability.  Because there is less friction, the movement is faster.  So there will be times when you will have to keep scrambling to stay in dominant control.

Gi Benefits

That being said, training with the gi gives you another good set of benefits.  Obviously, your grip strength goes through the roof. Also, you learn to deal with your opponents grips in a technical way, which is great for beginners.  In BJJ, you’ll want to develop a technique for every situation.  Dealing with your opponent’s grips force you to use leverage and technique back. Whereas, sometimes in no gi, a beginner can just explode out of a position to get free.  Furthermore, when you train with the gi, keep in mind there are many more positions and techniques.  Since you have a lot more to deal with, you will train your brain to process many more reactions and situations.  So, you learn to think more with the gi.

A good balance of both gi and no gi is ideal for your training.  Unless of course you are specifically training for a no gi competition.  Then you might want to just train no gi for the time being. However, generally speaking, a good balance of both can help you develop faster.

Here’s a highlight from the 2016 IBJJF No GI Worlds:

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