Muay Thai Kickboxing teaches the use of combinations when attacking.  Combinations can be very useful in the ring or defending one’s self on the street.  Since it is the “art of eight limbs,” an effective Muay Thai fighter knows how to use all eight weapons together with speed and precision.  The use of all the weapons in Muay Thai is what gives a fighter the advantage.

Through the use of combinations, a fighter successfully delivers multiple blows to get the opening.  A successful Muay Thai combination makes use of the three attack lines: low, middle, and high.  A fighter may throw two strikes high and the third low, or one strike low, one strike high, and the third in the middle.  Thats why there’s an importance in developing all your weapons first, the kicks, punches, knees, and elbows.  So you can put it all together and attack all three lines.

This strategy is highly beneficial for self defense.  In scenario when some is expecting an attack high, you can attack low.  For example, if someone is trying to throw a punch to the face, they can be stopped with a low kick.  Also, make use of elbows and knees in a real situation, because they are damaging and not expected.

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