If you have never done a Muay Thai Kickboxing class before, you’re in for a rude awakening. The cardio aspect is intense. It’s really hard to describe because it’s not like any other cardio workout either. In most cardio workouts, such as running, jumping rope, and biking, you are doing the same movement over and over again. In a Muay Thai class, you are doing different combinations with different techniques constantly.  So it’s very hard to get into a comfort zone.

It’s certain that if you are just starting this type of training, you will feel fatigue at some point, which is a good thing. This means you have a lot of room for potential as far as developing your conditioning.  As you get used to these type of classes, your body will adjust more and more to the training. Your wind will become better, and you will have burned thousands of calories. You will also be getting better and better at the techniques which means you will be using your body more efficiently.

Strength and Endurance

Besides the cardio aspect, you will develop strength and muscular stamina.  For beginners, the area that needs the most development in Muay Thai is using the hips. It’s crucial to get the hips behind every technique which gives you more power.  After a little bit of training, you learn to use your hips better.  Unlike working one muscle at a time in the gym, your using your whole body all the time in every move.  This gives you total body strength.  Also, in a Muay Thai class there is very little downtime. So, you are much more productive. Your muscular endurance goes through the roof.

Even though your first class will be a lit bit of a challenge, a good Muay Thai program allows you to work at your own pace until your conditioning increases. Before you know it, you can develop a similar fitness level to a pro-fighter.

About Spartan Mixed Martial Arts

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Spartan specializes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Kids Martial Arts for adults and children 4 -12.