When starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, white belts have to learn and perform many techniques. This can be a very difficult task. Besides learning the techniques in class, there are many techniques available online, particularly, YouTube.  It is common to see a world champion perform a more advanced technique. The new practitioner might want to start emulating that particular style. Despite that high-level techniques are very effective, it is great mistake for the beginner to be focusing on advanced movements. Instead, they should spend their time learning the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Fundamentals Work for Anyone

The fundamentals are the foundation for a student’s entire career. They give the student what they need to advance further.  In BJJ, every move set’s up the next. So learning the fundamentals gives the student the correct starting point from which they can learn many more moves.  Learning the correct basics in the beginning means the student will advance quicker.  Also, the fundamentals can work for anyone. Whereas, some of the more advanced, sportive techniques require more skill and advanced body movement.  Anyone, regardless of size or strength, can perform the fundamentals because they are more simple and straightforward.

Self-Defense and Sport

Furthermore, there are many different areas to apply BJJ. For example, BJJ is done with the gi (the uniform), without the gi, in Self Defense, and in Mixed Martial Arts. In each, there are certain techniques that will only apply to that specific area. The fundamentals of BJJ are universal, meaning they apply to all the areas. So learning the fundamentals helps a student use BJJ in every aspect of the game.

Here’s a highlight of Roger Gracie.  This man is a master of fundamental BJJ.

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