Developing skill in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu doesn’t happen overnight. This holds true in all other martial arts, but in my opinion, BJJ takes longer. Reason being is that there is so much more to learn.  There are literally hundreds of positions each having many variations. This is where drilling becomes really important. You will have to spend a lot of mat time to reach a high level.

Drilling = Developing Faster

The truth is it takes a while to develop all the positions and the appropriate reactions. So, being consistent in your training will get you to next level regardless. However, I believe it can be done faster. The answer to this is through correct drilling. When I use the term “drilling” it’s not to be confused with the way most Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners train, performing the technique a couple times and then having a long conversation with their training partner. No, drilling to me means constant movement. Let’s face it most students aren’t on the mat all day. The usually just come in for just an hour or so. So, in order to develop faster why not get the most out of your training time and drill appropriately. The goal is to work on specific techniques and situations, repeating as many times possible.


The key to learning a skill in martial arts and pretty much anything is though repetition. The only way to make techniques second nature is to repeat them over and over again. So, if you are drilling correctly, meaning putting in a good work ethic, you will be learning faster!  A common situation that happens with a student is to look back at a rolling session and say to themselves that they should have done a particular move. This means they knew what to do, but that in their training they did not repeat the move enough to where it was second nature. So proper drilling can develop a student’s skill much faster. If you train BJJ, keep this in mind!

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