All kids who devote themselves to training martial arts develop one important thing: confidence!  Yes, confidence is important for kids to have.  There are many different ways in which a kid can become confident, such as team sports, but there’s an extra advantage in kids’ martial arts training that’s missing in team sports. Basically, winning on the mat equals winning in life.

Martial Arts = Confidence

Team sports do provide good qualities for a kid.  However, team sports fail to give confidence to all, instead just a few.   For example, on a sports team, not every one gets to make the winning goal, basket, home-run, or touchdown. This is true even if a particular child showed up for every game and practice, and tried their hardest.  In martial arts, all kids have the opportunity to get promoted.  They just have to show the same dedication.  Those efforts are rewarded in martial arts, and the child gets positive reinforcement for their behavior.  They learn that this will give them positive results in their lives, and therefore builds their confidence.

No Kid Sits on the Bench

In martial arts, everyone is important, not just the starting lineup.  There’s no such thing as sitting on the bench in martial arts training.  Everyone is just as important.  Furthermore, besides being a discipline, martial arts is an individual sport.  It is entirely up to the child whether they will do well or not.  This teaches them to be more independent, and to rely on themselves to accomplish goals. This is a great lesson in life because you are not always going to have a team around you.  Success is up to you!

Team sports are a positive outlet for kids because they develop athleticism and kids learn the importance of trying their best. Martial arts can be a great compliment to team sports.  This is because of the positive rewards and the opportunity for kids to work on themselves as individuals.  Kids should do activities that will have a positive affect on their future, which is the ultimate goal.

About Spartan Mixed Martial Arts

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Spartan specializes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Kids Martial Arts for adults and children 4 -12.